Boots- named for his four white paws, is one of our lovable, but spoiled house cats.


Our Hoses!! Aren't they cute? (Rock My Socks a.k.a. "Rocky" is on the left and Wise Promise a.k.a. "Promise" is on the right) Promise is an appendix quarter horse and Rockie is a registered paint. They are both geldings.
Gypsy is our lovable, but protective Boxer mix and the youngest (and smallest) of our dogs. Also our only femlae dog.
The boys! Dash (on the left) is our oldest dog and the laziest. Chance (on the right) is always full of energy and loves to please. Dash is a Black Lab mix and Chance is a Black Lab/ Chesapeak Bay Retriever cross.
Zip is our other house cat. She is very sweet (at least most of the time). She is definatly the Queeen of the house!
This is Pumpkin. She was our oldest house cat but sadly had to be put down recently. R.I.P.
This is one of the nine barn cats we currently have. Only two of our cats are decendents of Tiger (our only original barn cat to ever reproduce). Smokey is a large, black, long haired, fixed, female, and the only remaining cat from Tiger's first litter. She is also our only adult at the moment. Our oldest kitten is Baby. She is the daughter of Miss Grey, Tiger's longest lived daughter from her second litter. She is also black, but unlike her big sister (Smokey), she is not fixed and may someday have kittens of her own and continue Tiger's noble bloodline. The remaining seven kittens are newbies. They were kindly donated to our cause by an little, old, lady with too many cats. They perceide as follows; Rajah is the oldest and a beautiful golen tabby; after her is Kimba, a fuzzy white terror. Next is Elsa, a sweet little fur ball (pictured to the right). Then Tulose, another fuzzy tabby with quite a bit of white on him. The remaining three are siblings and the youngest (and consequently the smallest) of the bunch. Azlan is a cute little golden tabby with white feet. Amara is his look-alike, she is slightly greyer then him. And last, but not least, Shere Khan is an adorable orange tabby.
Shela was our oldest dog, we had her for nearly 15 years.She was a Black Lab/ German Shepard cross. She also had to be put down recently. R.I.P.
We also have 55 gallon and 15 gallon fish tanks. In our larger tank we have 4 Bala Sharks, 2 Brazilian Geos, and a Pleco.We have only a golden Kili fish and a little pleco in our small tank at the moment (but we intend to fix that problem soon).
Last, we have 2 hermit crabs named Sunny and Sunset (pictures are coming soon).